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Our Environment

Our environment is surrounded by perfect opportunities to support and teach children all about the living world and how to care for it.

Children are naturally curious and want to enquire, observe and explore working theories for making sense of their world.  Lately, the children's interests in insects has taken us on a journey of learning all about life cycles.  We have had crickets, cicadas, preying mantis and snails visit us. We have been using our library, the internet and people around us to build on our knowledge and learn interesting facts about many different insects.  

Marjan taught us all about bees, and we go tot taste some honey that her bees had made.  We recently got some tadpoles and we were also very lucky to have a magnificent swan plant in our garden and are currently watching butterflies emerging from their chrysalis.

These hands on learning experiences support children's ability to enquire, research and explore.  Children are developing on their relationship with the natural environment and are developing respect and a sense of responsibility with caring for their living world.

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