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Mind Set

Recently the teaching team have been learning about growth mind-set.  Here is some knowledge to help you understand what it means to have a growth mind-set and how you can empower your child to develop a growth mind-set at home.

A person with a fixed mind-set thinks that challenge means failure.  They believe that if you cannot do it naturally then you are not good at it.  A person with a growth mind-set understands that we learn from mistakes, challenge means extension of ourselves and that learning takes time if we focus and try hard.  Our brain acts like a muscle.  The more we use it, the stronger and smarter our brain becomes.

"You are so smart"

You thought of that all by yourself!

You tried really hard on that!

What a great friend you are!

You are not afraid of a challenge!  I like that!

You remembered to (specific skill)!  Great thinking!

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