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Autumn Harvest

The weather has begun to cool, but we know this means something special is on the way….. we had been watching over the last few weeks as our passionfruit grew and grew and the green unripe fruit sat above us.

It was a difficult task to resist plucking the green fruit off the vine, but our tamariki triumphed and now these fruit are beginning to change colour.  

Yesterday some of our tamariki made an exciting discovery, several of the ripe passionfruit had fallen and were now ready to eat!!!  Athena and Allancia helped collected these treasures and were excited to try them, after waiting so long for them to be ready.  Athena carefully cut the fruit to reveal the sweat treats inside – DELICIOUS!!!!

Today Athena found another ripe kōhia (the Māori name for passionfruit) and is taking it home to share with her whānau.



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