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“Just” Paints

Since having the eight simple colours of paint available for the children everyday, and with the addition of the two sized brushes we are amazed at the control and confidence the children now have with the medium.  It's the same as the other loose parts available to them everyday to be used in ways that meet their needs.

They mix media when they want, drawing and painting in either order, choosing the size of paper they want, they mix colours, layer colours, use different brush techniques and even work together on pieces quite harmoniously.  We see much in the same way as they do with the other loose parts, they utilise the properties of the loose parts to meet a purpose.  

We cannot think of a child who does not paint at all, so it is an inclusive resource which is non-threatening unlike the table top paint activities which are right/wrong.. effective/not effective. The paint is so familiar to the children, they see possibilities, not problems and are free to explore on their own.

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