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Creatively Engaged!

There has been some really exciting art happening at kindy this term.  There were balloons filled with water in a container of paint for dabbing on paper.  Screen printing using a roller or screed.  Feather painting and marble rolling to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.  All these experiences are set up for children to engage in if they choose.  Children work independently – they learn to turn take, and self manage process by themselves.  Children become the experts and help each other tuakana-teina relationships and ako is really noticeable.

When young children seem still and quiet, their whole mind and body is actively engaged in the creative process.  This boosts their concentration, sows the seeds of persistence and problem solving.  The level of intense concentration is possible only when the whole body and brain are engages.  (from:  A moving child is a learning child)

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