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Recycling Helps all Creatures

Baa Baa three lambs have you got a shed?
Yes sir, yes sir, this will be our bed
Out of the cold, and away from the rain
Until Te Rā peeps out his head again……

Val shared some photos of our old nappy storage box at her farm…. and who snuck in while the weather is makariri, well for now it's become a temporary home for three lambs in this horrible cold and wet weather.

This week Tony, Val's husband has been helping us by first picking up our lovely new kai table and then trimming the legs down to be the right height for us, then he also came to finish off the work he was doing on the outdoor art sink stand that he so kindly made for us.

We also asked Tony if he had the right screwdriver bit to dismantle the old broken nappy bin box to take away, Tony then said "I can make that other sink stand for the sandpit area out of this box", so Tony has taken the box home, so he can make another sink…. yay for Tony, yay for the environment and yay for us having another sink.  And while we are trying to find another sink, the three little lambs can be safe from the cold and wet… aren't they funny.

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