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Kia Ora Jessica and whānau,

We welcome come you and your whānau to Pūtauaki kindergarten, you are familiar with your new kura as your cousins Rocky and willow use to come to this kura too.  I’ve started to get to know you a little bit more each day , I enjoy watching you walk in the gate with nan every morning sometimes you are skipping in the gate, pushing the pram or in it.  On your first day mum and dad came in to help settle you in, you looked happy and very comfortable in your surroundings. I have learnt you use to come with nanny and cousins for visits when you would pick cousins up they have gone to school now and you are following in their foot steps starting Kindergarten.

I noticed this morning mum and dad came with you and nan, it was your first day of being enrolled at kura. You are always so happy as you walk through the gate in the mornings, you help nan push the pram in or sometimes she’s pushing you. You have such great confidence when you arrive and you know exactly what you want to do, planning your own learning for your day. Nan is always around to awhi you as you settle into kura. Nanny Cushla was telling me your love for the water fountain as we watched you keep refilling the cups. 

She also said you would often do art and craft with nanny, I can see this is a area of interest for you and know that this  also links to your great nan, Nanny Dorothy who was also an amazing artist, I remember seeing pictures of swallows or fantails that our nan had drawn they were amazing so detailed, she use to teach me too about arts and craft and would have my own set of art supplies with my own books who I have now passed onto my children I remember my art supplies looking like they were brand new, that’s who your nanny Cushla reminded me of as she told me about how you both like to do arts and crafts together.

When its time for home time you know when you are ready you and nan say goodbye to everyone you wave with happiness as you and your nan leave, your nanny Cushla and yourself  are well loved in Pūtauaki kindergarten by all tamariki and kaiako. It has been awesome getting to know you more Jess and reconnect with whānau, Aroha nui whānau.

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