School Readiness

School Readiness and Learning Through Play

Reading, writing and maths, these three words make us think ‘readiness for school’! How will my child transition to school from a programme focussed on play? Easily, because at Central Kids tamariki have time and space to explore and practice at their own pace with teachers who understand each child’s individual learning.

Where does this learning occur?  Interestingly, spending time outdoors climbing, digging, running, jumping, socialising with peers, rough and tumbling will offer a strong foundation for academic success.  When children are aware of their body in space, know how to control their limbs, fall down and get up again, problem solve with friends, share resources, take turns, research the properties of water and sand they will transition successfully to school as inquisitive confident learners.


The Education Review Office (ERO) found that the most effective practices supporting children as they approach transition to school included, “Relationships with parents and whānau, and other important adults, focused on learning and supporting the child (including their language, culture and identity)”. (p 27, Continuity of Learning: Transitions from early childhood services to schools. 2015).

Have a chat to any of your child’s teachers to explore how their learning is developing while they are playing in the sandpit, reading books, using their imagination, building with blocks and so much more.


“In play a child always behaves beyond (their) average age, above (their) daily behaviour.  In play it is as though (they) were a head taller than (themselves)”. (Lev Vygotky)


Creativity is an important aspect of our programmes. “Imagination is more important than knowledge” (Albert Einstein). Creativity is about thinking, exploring, discovering and imagining. By providing an environment with time and space where process is valued, children can explore their ideas without interruptions, setting and solving their own problems. The ability to think of diverse solutions for personal, local and global issues is a necessity in the 21st Century.

Our job is to provide the environment that encourages a love of learning. To enable time and space to be creative and imaginative. To provide real opportunities to make mistakes, solve problems, develop theories. To say it’s OK to ask questions, be resourceful. To support tamariki to become socially competent.  We want our children to go to school as confident, competent learners.


Literacy and Numeracy (reading, writing, maths)

We all know that reading, writing and maths are important and necessary subjects. It doesn’t begin and end with holding a pen and writing – building pathways in the brain begins in those first interactions between carer and infant. At Central Kids we include literacy and numeracy opportunities in ways that are natural and meaningful for children within their everyday play. Examples of these include when children engage in conversations and share ideas they develop the ability to retell a story, which is a precursor to being able to write a story and use imagination to create limitless possibilities.  When a child digs a hole or builds a sandcastle, they are learning about the mathematical concepts of shape, size, depth, volume, balance, volume.


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