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When your tamariki step through our gate, they become part of our whānau – as we become part of yours.

Our early childhood centres are a home away from home, a place where every child is recognised, respected and included for who they are and who they want to become.

We know that to play is to grow. Using Te Whāriki early learning curriculum (our evidence-based, holistic learning programme), we encourage every child to reach their potential by giving them the best possible surroundings to experiment and discover the world they live in.

Through this approach, our tamariki develop a strong sense of self, belonging and identity. We help them begin to forge their own journey and prepare for what lies ahead as they continue to grow and develop – both through their education, and through meaningful connections with their community and natural environment.

The future of our tamariki includes all of us – because when they grow, we all grow together.

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  • Linda
    Thank you to all the kaiako for the quality of learning and childcare we receive. Something that has always stayed with me is a quote I heard a few years ago that 'it takes a village to raise a child' and I feel that Tokoroa Early Learning Centre is 'our village'. My daughter has learnt so much and I appreciate the support and understanding from kaiako when she is going through a challenging time. Thank you all once again!
    Tokoroa Early Learning Centre
  • Larissa Alofa
    My son Hezekiah has now been attending Laughton kindy for about 1 year now. He is thriving and loving it. Laughton kindy is such an amazing kindy, the staff are so kind and gentle and very attentive, not only to my son but to other children as well. I highly recommend Laughton as it has been the best learning for my son and he loves going there. Thanks to all the teachers who make the day enjoyable.
    Larissa Alofa
  • When visiting we were welcomed by friendly staff, happy children, and a vibrant and welcoming environment. We knew straight away it was the right kindy for our children
  • 20210315 Piper 2
    Today my daughter, Piper-Jane, had her last day at Elstree Kindergarten, off to school she goes ? Although her chapter there has come to end, her next chapter begins, and because of the beautiful staff that supported her along the way, she is well and truely ready for this. I am so thankful for all they done for Piper, you all have definitely touched our heart. I wish you all the best and maybe in the near future Piper’s little brother might continue his journey through Elstree ☺️ We will miss you all.
    Jess Rosoman - Mum to Piper-Jane
    Central Kids Elstree Kindergarten
  • CKIDS 1393 FB C Post1
    My daughter was at Dinsdale Early Learning for a number of years. She grew confident in all aspects of her development, made great friends and loved the teachers. I liked the consistent teaching team, low staff turnover meant my daughter was able to form great relationships with all her teachers. Communication was always on point, I always knew when events were happening and always felt welcomed to join in. Teachers were always welcoming when entering the centre. Thanks to all the team that supported Maleah and helped her grow into the beautiful young girl she is today. Maleah started school with confidence, she was not hesitant at all to say goodbye to me on her first day at school and in her second week she has made some good friends and settled well. So thanks again!
    Varonica Williams - Mum to Maleah
    Central Kids Dinsdale ELC
  • 20190703 matariki2
    When we attended Central Kids Hazelmere's evening Matariki celebration, we were not prepared for the utter magic that kept on greeting us at each corner that we turned. As we passed through the gate from the drive, candles burning in the middle of mandala's made from natural objects, totally delighted us.  In the distance and within the kindy building, fairy lights beckoned us to move inside.  Excited children waving their light sticks and beaming parents being warmly greeted by staff increased the feeling of a special evening about to get even better. To read further click here
    Marion Evans & David Lewis
    Central Kids Hazelmere
  • 20190508 ready for school
    Ready for school she is...!! Cassie girl in her zone... It's been a big emotional day for my littlest of monkeys today as she farewelled her very well loved and adored kindergarten teachers and friends. These teachers are special ladies who have loved, watched and nurtured her as their own throughout her toddler years and who have played such a vital role in developing her and helping her grow into the school girl she is today. I will be forever grateful to the wonderful staff at Central Kids Hazelmere Kindergarten. You truly are the best of the best when it comes to doing your job and doing it well. From our heart to yours THANK YOU
    Crystal Pevreal
    Central Kids Hazelmere
  • 20190508 MM day
    The last of our M&M day, Mummy & Mayer day. Our journey at kindy is over tomorrow and what an incredible journey. I don't think that I will ever be able to show my hearts gratitude for what the incredible women have done for him, and our family. Never goodbye, just more coffee dates x
    Abbie McCall
    Central Kids Hazelmere
  • Julena Meroiti
    My name is Julena Meroiti and my grandson attends your Owhata Kindergarten in Rotorua. I just want to say thank you for employing such fantastic people like Jenni, Leah, Tina, Denise, Jermayn, Moepera, and the relievers. (I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.) They are all really calm and welcoming and very good at their jobs. The children are well supervised and well stimulated. The kindy is always calm yet busy with little people who obviously feel secure to explore and play. And the space is always freshened up with new ideas and always clean. The play areas are so amazing and the children want for nothing! Thank you for such a fabulous team who provide a superb service where I am really happy to take my grandson. I feel secure myself that he's really well cared for as this is my third attempt at finding a place that makes me feel secure. So thank you very much. Whatever you are doing ... Keep doing it!
    Julena Meroiti
    Central Kids Owhata
  • Comments from 2017 Whānau Survey
    “When visiting we were welcomed by friendly staff, happy children, and a vibrant and welcoming environment. We knew straight away it was the right kindy for our children”
    Comments from 2017 Whānau Survey
    Central Kids
  • “I was told when you find the one then you will just know. I knew Central Kids was going to be our second home because of its warmth and connection…”
  • “There is no ‘structure’ to the day, and yet children are constantly learning, contributing and having that ‘real life’ learning and are encouraged to explore”
  • “I see that the teachers have a passion in what they do and it's just amazing”  
  • Deb
    To the Amazing Teachers at Golden Sands Early Childhood! Thank you for embracing my daughter’s obsession with Michael Jackson and continuing to develop her passion for the creative arts.  I am completely blown away by the extra lengths you have gone to ensure she has further experiences and happy moments based around “THE KING OF POP”. When I got home yesterday, Isabelle couldn’t wait to tell me that her teacher had given her a special surprise.  My husband felt blessed after seeing Isabelle’s face light up and we both agreed that nothing is more satisfying than knowing our child is loved when not in our care! I really enjoyed reading about Isabelle’s experiences and seeing the photos that captured the moment. Your hard work is totally appreciated!
    Central Kids Golden Sands
  • Jade Tawhiti
    My name is Jade Tawhiti and I am the Principal of Waitakaruru School. I recently attended a special lunch at my sons kindergarten in Ngātea. It was a BBQ lunch for kids and their whānau to celebrate ‘full day Wednesdays’ or something like that. It was a very neat occasion and my wife and I enjoyed spending time with our son. What I was particularly impressed with was the use of Te Reo Māori at the centre. Our lunch was blessed by the teachers and children with a karakia, reo commands were used throughout and the whole centre had loads of reo signs etc on the walls. I am very impressed to see our early childhood centres embrace and value Reo Māori as part of our dual heritage as NZers. Well done to Central Kids Ngātea and all the staff. You are awesome.
    Jade Tawhiti
    Central Kids Ngātea
  • Vicki Bosson
    My kids have been attending Central Kids Mercury Bay in Whitianga since February and I just wanted to comment on how fabulous the staff have been in helping the kids settle in and enjoying their time there. I especially want to say a big thank you to Lorna who has been instrumental in making the kindergarten what it is today. She has got amazing vision and has transformed it into a place where kids love to play and feel comfortable and safe.
    Vicki Bosson
    Central Kids Mercury Bay


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