Central Kids has a big service footprint in the Rotorua Lakes Council area, with 10 kindergartens. Our kindergartens provide whānau friendly, culturally responsive early education and support for tamariki.

In 2019, Central Kids noted an increase in the complex behaviours of young tamariki in early education. Following an assessment, it was found that a high number of our families were living under increased housing strain, resulting in less stable home environments for children.
Our Mātauranga Ake arm of Central Kids was established in June 2020. Our team provide whānau in Emergency Housing in Rotorua and the South Waikato with the wrap-around support and guidance they need to achieve a resilient, stable homelife. We help them navigate their circumstances with confidence and clear direction.

Our focus is on helping establish a stable, supportive home life for our tamariki through positive, personalised support from our dedicated team of Navigators/Kaiwawao. We believe that the success of our tamariki starts with helping every family member feel valued, by creating a sense of hope and belonging, and encouraging access to early education and wellbeing.

Our approach is to always look at the bigger picture, because we understand that effective solutions can’t be found by only looking at one part of a problem. Our outcomes include employment, further education and sustainable housing.